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Monday, 05 November 2012


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The insane and dubious Jimmy Savile business seems to be fueled by those who want to declare the same thing as Virgin while making a lot of money?

Meanwhile the other prong of the agenda...:

but guess who will foot the bill for this...

Meanwhile as always Melanie Phillips nails it all on the head...

of which the result is...


You all wanted "equality" and guess what,through feminism and lies, you made and got inequality towards Men by getting the "easy" card to everything. You haven't even scratched the surface of being an equal to Men yet and already they are whining and moaning, playing victim when times get tough.

Well deserved and trust me, it's gonna get a whole lot worse yet...get me some Popcorn :-)


Why call her Worlds toughest "Firefighter" when she did not compete against any men? Isn't it insulting enough that they lowered and dumbed down the entry for firefighters to accommodate unmerited or less merited women in the first place? Same as the military, police you name it.



Did someone then throw them into the trash compacter?

What? Isn't it funny that a piece of western feminist meat who laughed on TV about a guy getting his dick cut off now has her tits cut off for cancer.

I think it is marvelous. I hope it haunts her every day and comes back again.

Does the mangina running the site want to delete comments again?


This is poetry. The guy should not have been sacked. This video is for all femi-nazi scum and self-entitlement western women, this is what is coming for you all. Men have had enough of you and the comments on this video everywhere back it up. Forget the pussy pass twat tv is okay to deck women, it is absolutely ok.

just claim you are hormonal, they get away with killing children, so why shouldn't men walk away from defending themselves from scum women with mouths like this.

This made my day, give him a medal.


Asda has lost my business this Christmas and Tesco not far off with their constant support of the Sexist R4L.


watch-out, another pussy pass coming up. Violence against such women in such circumstances, regardless of how severe is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE! Men need to be re-educated and stop falling into the white knight think-set.


yet another pussy pass today, hits a copper, dodges fair runs on train track...while pregnant. This fine example of mutt meat walks from court.....

How many more times must we see the blatant and outright sexism towards men in our criminal courts? When will something be done about this outrage and disgrace?


Get paid in the UK for having a Vagina and doing nothing but prancing around at society parties.


Another pussy pasS!

she can't stand trial because she is "depressed"

Oh how convenient the women use that one.


ANOTHER PUSSY pass and this time even a woman is angry about it, because she is the victim.

Why does our criminal justice system discriminate so grotesqueley against men and keep letting so many women walk?

John Kimble

Thanks for all the likes for this article everyone. This issue has clearly hit a nerve.


John, i'm the only fecker here....:-)

Have another one!

Usual misandrist Christmas message, man must self sacrifice and bring offerings for the useless lazy woman at home as he must make HER happy up on her pedestal...


It also begs the question "What are people they fear are a danger to children doing on the plane in the first place!!??".

They seems to have closed the comments on their site but I see there are the usual "Stop whinging, its for the kids brigade".

Though they never mention the flipside of the 'its for the kids' argument; the policy should be fought not only for the boys who see what they have to look forward to in adulthood, but also for the girls who see that men are indeed the lowest of the low and its ok to treat them as such.

But of course the fact remains that its actually DISCRIMINATION AGAINST MEN !!

I've noticed amongst some so-called equalitarians (fake equalitarians basically), the "don't discriminate against men because it upsets the kids" argument.
Its a more subtle form of discrimination and frequently seen in headlines. One that springs to mind is the recent "Man shot in Belfast when children were in the area." as though it would have been ok if there had been no children in the 'area'.

This type of misandry is subtle enough to get under the radar of many and should be identified as a feminist tactic, which is exactly what it is.


Oops slightly disjoint argument in my post there, instead of "don't discriminate against men because it upsets the kids", I should have written "its ok to discriminate agsinst men unless it upsets the kids".

I am a proponent of using the "don't discriminate against men because it upsets the kids" as a secondary argument to back-up the main point that, discrimination is discrimination, period.

John Kimble

If comments are closed I suggest people express their opinions using the comments section of the Virgin Australia youtube channel. All 8 videos allow unmoderated comments:

They also have a Flickr account with comments enabled for all photos.

Finally, it also appears that any Tweets to the company automatically appear on the blog.

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