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Wednesday, 05 December 2012


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Mike Buchanan

What an inspiring victory. Great stuff. This war will be won the way all wars are won - one battle at a time.

Mike Buchanan


I agree 100% with your comment Skimmington re:
Sometime ago you wrote about how by campaigning and complaining responsibly, rationally and without being too inflammatory (albeit I know it can be hard) will bear fruit. Also campaigning using the language of equality, using hard facts and ensuring support from women are other key success factors...

Sean Geoghegan's victory is commendable...


This is a success for all involved, and shows well-reasoned arguments based on the facts will always be a better way than inflammatory, divisive, men-vs-women rhetoric. I hope the good work of the various MRAs involved continues to bear fruit.


Even I will STFU and tip my hat to that one...but it doesn't excuse the rest of what happened here recently.

As some others have spotted things going on in MRM circles...

" Or perhaps there is a profit motive. Maybe by giving fems a place to spew their BS he doubles donations. AVfM is owned by an LLC. That is "for profit" and owned (majority) by Paul. "


Institutional sexism successfully challenged. Well done. This form of misandry is all too frequent from agencies that should know better. The facts can only speak if people keep them in sight.


I just receive a leaflet through the post, it's a small booklet of 6 pages
Front page there is a cartoon girl on the phone saying
"Hello......can you help me?

Turn on 2nd page there is another girl in a corner on the phone saying
"He's banging on the door."
"He's going to do it again."
"Will you help me tell him to stop?"

Turn on 4th page there is a boy chatting on a laptop. It reads
"My dad won't stop hurting me"
"I'm scared"
"Will you help me tell him to stop?"

Turn on 6th page and there is an old lady on the phone
"I hear shouting all the time"
"I've seen bruises too"
"Am i doing the right thing by calling?"

On every odd page next to thepictures there is the NSPCC saying yes and asking to give just 2 pounds a month

Everyone in my building has received one i am asking everyone to complain to ASA

Just let you know to see if others have received the same

John Kimble

Thanks for sharing Antonio, I think such a leaflet might merit an article on this blog.

paul parmenter

Yes, be very careful. Don't celebrate a victory when you have merely won a skirmish and forced the enemy to withdraw a step. If they are only regrouping to attack you again, you have not won anything.

Clear evidence remains that within the NSPCC lies a considerable degree of extremely spiteful misandry, among a hard core of influentual people who are more interested in demonising men (particularly fathers) than protecting abused children.

We are still a long way away from solving this problem. Until the institutionalised misandry of the NSPCC and so many other groups is well and truly beaten, it will be impossible to save the majority of children from abuse. Because the misandrists are deliberately creating a smokescreen behind which the main perpetrators oF that abuse can hide and continue their evil work, unseen and unchallenged.

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