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Sunday, 06 January 2013


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Every time I turn on the TV I'm appalled at the double standards. Unfortunately I stumbled across this one last night and was speechless. No wonder society has no respect for men and boys when they are continually ripped of their dignity. Can you imagine the directors (or ofcom) allowing a school girl in the inbetweeners to do a close up graphically intimate scene of her labia hanging out of her underwear!!

I'm really not sure who is to blame here but ultimately I guess it's the audience of males who don't stand up for themselves and complain. If it were the other way around there would be outrage. No wonder men are given no respect and I don't know how we can dig ourselves out of these humiliation tactics which are rife these days because men themselves seem to think it's acceptable. It's not.


Women's Hour is a MUST listen to today. They talk about child sexual abuse and recognise the statistical evidence that 17% of perpertrators are female, 60% of which are mothers. They also recognise the part the media plays in all of this whereby they tend to concentrate more on stranger abuse rather than family abuse, particularly female. My guess (and I'm not wrong) is that you can safely double or even treble these figures before arriving at the truth.

Please make sure you listen because this is yet another step forward for the BBC and I'm over the moon that Woman's Hour has acknowledged the fact that the media, what with it's almighty influencing power, can be very damaging and manipulative to society and men in particular. The person being interviewed mentioned this aspect and it's something I know I keep harping on about but I'm determined that people understand just how much power the media has over our young generation and how much damage they can do to our society.

The media has pandered to the feminist movement by totally ignoring men's issues and sweeping them under the carpet. Whilst at the same time they ram it down everyone's throats about women's rights.

The media HAS to stop this endless onslaught and the only way is for as many people (men or women) to complain at every opportunity where they see disrespect, unfair treatment, double-standards, besmirching of men, incorrect or skewed statistics, absence of information, one-sided biased views, feministic over representation, outright hateful misandry, degrading material, sexist behaviour, pathetic white-knight and mangina behaviour, female on male violence (and even male on male violence).

I want 2013 to be the year where the media gets a piece of our minds and where men stand united and tackle this monumental media monstrosity. I want this to be the year where it becomes politically incorrect to mock men at their expense and I want these feminist hypocrites operating within the media today (men and women you know who you are!) to crawl back under their stones whilst the rest of us find the courage to speak out at last, and not be scared to do so for fear of the shaming tactics.

I'm convinced that this site is being read by some substantially importand figures so I make no apoligies for my rantngs!


Also I believe in carrots. A well done for honest work such as that by Mark Easton. And for Peter Lloyd. They are swimming against the tide of their industries and deserve a well done.


Please watch and rate, and/or flag with youtube as hate speech, as you feel appropriate.


Women's Hour is a MUST listen to today. They talk about child sexual abuse and recognise the statistical evidence that 17% of perpetrators are female, 60% of which are mothers.

Now add to that emotional abuse like parental alienation and all will find women are the biggest abusers of children by far!!


You could be right, Brian, but there are many, many obsticles to overcome before society recognises that women/mothers can be extremely harmful to children as well as men/fathers. Getting people to speak out about these issues in the first place is going to require an advertising campaign. Who will want to pay for that? The Government certainly won't.


I've heard it all now. This is the kind of toxic drivel and outright lies in the media we must attack . I see they have changed it to 1 in 5 now but upped the lies and exaggeration elsewhere. One had only yo look at the first few lines to see the hidden truth.

"More than 1,000 women suffer sex attack EVERY DAY, report says"

Sub heading: Most of 400,000 female victims subject to unwanted touching or exposure

So it has started with, "ALL WOMEN ARE BEING RAPED AND BRUTALLY MURDERED OH MY GOD" - type hyperbole headline, then revealing the fact that most of them are simply claiming they was "touched" or "saw something". Given the state of western women today, we all know what that means these days, nothing.

They of course don't take into account the massive amount of false allegations that always go unpunished also.

Honestly this kind of drivel is sickening. It makes me wonder why Mike is even going near that Daily Mail, I think it is more harmful than anything to be seen in it politically.


It is also sickening to read the comments on this article above. No wonder I hate the British public and think they are the dumbest easily led retards outside of North Korea*

* = Generalisation, subject to independent survey, may not apply to a gifted few.


The stupidity spreads. So even he appoints them because they are WOMEN. Does it matter whether they was better than any man for the job?


More lies and sick manipulated feminist agenda reports in the Telegraph. I find these lying articles very dangerous to society.


MGTOW has just been blocked from commenting on the Telegraph for posting some links countering this story that provide statistics, forums of false rape victims mothers discussing it and other such comments slapping down this article.

Free press? More like Nazi run.


The Telegraph has now closed and blocked ALL comment son this article @ 15:58


Red pills and reporting to youtbe please....


Again MGTOW speaks the balance. wonder how many of these vile comments by knee-jerk idiots in the west would so quickly aimed at the women who condemned those falsely accused?

Can you not see the incredible mental illness of normalcy in a supposed civilised western country?

I think Mike Buchanan is in la-la land if he thinks a political party will get anywhere against this knee jerk brainwashing we see in these comments.. I mean that respectfully.


While we all recognise the incident in India as an horrific and inexcusable crime, India has probably the worst record of false rape claims by women in the World. Why does nobody scream about all of those, many of them have caused the deaths of men! It also has one of the most barbaric and irrational populations of White-knightism.

Mike Buchanan

Brian, I thought I'd made my view clear on a number of occasions. Feminism can't be defeated as an ideology, the most we can hope to do is to thwart its manifestations on an issue-by-issue basis. That's what our party is going to strive to do. We will engage in a series of practical fights, prioritised in the light of a number of factors. That doesn't seem to us to be la-la land. We may yet be proved wrong. But I'm working full-time, seven days a week, at my own cost, to make this vision a reality.

Mike Buchanan


Best of luck with it Mike I appreciate that but I honestly think due to the saturation of British social sengineering on the public, it is beyond hope of even that. Case by case basis is like pouring a cup of water on an oil rig fire, it will never reach a final solution or cure. You only have to see the rabid levels of anti-male/white-knight brainwashing in those comments on those stories to see it.

Maybe it is time to stop wasting time with western males who are simply white-knighted away and turn too support Sharia law and the like?

Them guys still have their nuts at least?

Mike Buchanan

Thanks Brian, but Sharia Law would mean I'd have to give up my real ale, and that seems a very heavy price to pay!


Lol, but seriously, this is what I meant about the other elements of MRA who have had enough and believe a more "extreme" approach is needed. What will your party do to include them and not alienate them more?


On another serious note

Well it is about time this female CRIME was recognised, but 25k for all those years is horse shit! A woman gets her butt pinched at work and gets 250k ! More nonsense from our courts and discrimination against men

This i.m.o is as serious as rape is too a woman and the punishment and awards should damn well reflect it !!

Mike Buchanan

Brian, you will find the party very inclusive but I'd rather not say any more at this stage - keeping the powder dry, and all that.

Paternity fraud is surprisingly common, and is on our 'radar'.


Mid-feb you "go live" if I recall, I presume this is still on course? I will look forward it.

Mike Buchanan

It may be a bit later, but not much. We plan to have an official launch / press conference in early March.


This Paternity Fraud case judgement is unusual. Had the couple not be divorced the outcome is likely to have been different. In effect usually courts take the view that a husband is de-facto father even if genetics prove otherwise. This is usually the view as it is seen as being in the children's interest mainly in terms of financial support. I expect the costs and compensation related only to the post divorce settlement. I expect this is fertile ground for the Party as the law in application often is manifestly unfair as courts want to avoid a cost to the public purse by creating more benefit dependent lone mothers.

Mike Buchanan

Groan, we share your analysis with respect to 'the law in application'. We think our proposals in this area will raise a few eyebrows. But can it be right that the law encourages women to have children by Mr A, Mr B, and Mr C, and requires her long-term partner - Mr D - to financially provide for them (and for her, for that matter)? I look forward to the feminists defending that!


Hi Mike,

On a different Tack. Just published by Gov.

Probably nothing new to you.


Some red pill comedy, funny but VERY true ! Why are men not screaming and striking over it?

Programming !


Brian, that comedian gets a thumbs up from me for having the courage to stand up and talk openly (and truthfully) like that. This is EXACTLY how someone can make a difference to public opinion by influencing large crowds of ordinary people, many who are young and possibly don't care much for politics, who wouldn't normally search on the internet for men's rights issues. These same people are usually, day in, day out, being indoctrinated by today's media to believe that only women's rights should be considered. This type of thing is a channel to the masses and I believe that other male (and female) comedians, presenters etc. should take a slice of his courage and start to do the same.


A worthwhile read from a guy who's given up being nice!



Yet another pussy pass and ridiculously low sentence for a woman committing such a serious crime on a man


Sorry Dave, didn't see the response, can't skimmington make that tiny arrow at the bottom a bit bigger?

Yeah it was a brilliant stand up routine and your right, Men do need to grow some balls and start saying NO, not saying, SCREAMING OUT LOAD ! To all the wrong doing, bias and unfairness against men. Much of whihc has been there for centuries along with the newer discriminations.

I have had my own lawyers threaten/warn me over contempt of court this very morning in a case that has lasted over 12 years . They don't want me speaking to the public about the child abuse, corruption and incredible discrimination that has been going on in the case, they don't want the taped phone calls and meetings with lawyers, social workers etc. They don't want the gravy train or the family courts ( "Jimmy savile of careers") being held to the light too much.

Just a shame we don't have a men's organisation or political representative with balls enough yet to go all the way with this sort of stuff. The telegraph and Chris Booker is always pandering to Mothers 99% of the time, so he's no good. forget M.P's mine did a runner. I know plenty who will come out with storms of info like that on the family courts, much of it covertly recorded.

If prison it is, then so be it..even if she did abuse the children, breach court orders and nobody does anything !


P.S Dave, yes I agree with Dean Esmay that, "not being nice is what is needed". However someone might wish to tell that too the two main asshats that run AVFM he writes on and who delete men who do not agree with them or might speak angrily towards women.

AVFM is rapidly creating a counter-MRA that does not want anything to do with AVFM and their selling out. That will of course perpetuate the fracture in the MRM that keeps it from becoming a consolidated force.

That's what happens when you let too many , or a certain type of women in to it. I seen it before in F4J and anyone who does not see it is frankly an idiot or a gravy trainer.

We don't need any more parasite women in the MRA or hypergamers. Get them out !


bugger..PPS, Dean also wants to get his MRM history right, this is not only bloody important for younger men too know but out of respect for those men who suffered back then too. In fact it gets me angry that he writes for gravy trainers like AVFM and does not even know that or mention it.

Men's rights did not get it's genesis in the 1970's it has been established since at least the 1920's where it started in Vienna with the likes of charlie chaplin as a supporter !

We had fathers rights marches in the UK back then too !

Joseph D

Dave, I really wouldn't praise Woman's Hour too enthusiastically - as Mike Buchanen and Tom Martin have often pointed out: that programme is in itself a BIG part of the problem, in terms of creating a biased and manipulative media landscape in this country. Time and time again, they set up kangaroo courts, pose leading questions, and then just throw one minor 'query' in at the end of the interview as a token gesture towards neutrality. It's a thorn in the side of all right-thinking people and basically brings the BBC into disrepute.

So once in a blue moon they make an exception, and do something right for once. Big deal so do Press TV and Fox News for Christsake.

Cancer Charity

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