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Monday, 14 January 2013


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Many thanks for publishing Skimmington. Alas, as yet, have still to receive a response from CRUK's Chairman...


I thought you had to "retire" form all this John,. Congrats on keeping it up. I will certainly never support these Misandry riddled bigoted charities until they desist this disgusting discrimination.

I actively encourage all my male friends to do the same and send them your letters so they can see what is going on and why they shoudl not support either Race4life or Cancer research UK.

John Taylor

Stop Press: Chmn CRUK's phone is: 020 3469 8177.... Phoned and left message on his PA's Voicemail on Wed / Thurs 16th & 17th Jan (repeated my 'phone number "twice each day" referred to the three Recorded Delivery letters) - (which was also sent by e-mail - of which I have his PA's Read Receipt) . Have, as yet, not received a response. I am not holding my breath...

Your comments and support are very much appreciated, Brian...


The differences are startling and stark. This report needs to be shown far and wide. As usual men are assumed to be responsible for thier own poor health. But really this is an ringing criticism of decades of Health and Gov. services ignoring men's health. Truly the disposable sex.

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