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Sunday, 07 April 2013


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"Disposable" and also" responsible". Quite often cancer risks are increased by lifestyle. For women these lifestyle choices are seen as reason to mount publicity and other interventions, indeed quite a lot of resources are directed at these programmes. However the same issues for men are treated as if it is impossible to impact on their lifestyle choices! There is in effect an assumption that men are solely responsible for their choices and these can't be influenced. Or at least it's not worth trying!

Of course the big issue with Cancer are the very much lower survival rates among men. Put simply men get diagnosed much later than women and consequently have much poorer survival rates from Cancers.

Finally some of the "lifestyle" choices are the jobs men do. WDespite the dramatic fall in manufacturing and heavy industry


I hope readers will support this years Men's Health Week. In England the MHF lead on this and recent research underlines the lack of focus on Men's Health. I hope readers who may be a bit put off by the eclectic nature of WMD can find something practical to support for MHW.

"An Anglo-Australian online survey revealed the top three reasons why men are less likely to access help and support from services and social projects.

•There are fewer support services targeted specifically at men
•Services supporting men receive less funding than services supporting women
•Most help-giving services are female-orientated and this can be off-putting for men
Frontline professionals working with men in healthcare, social work and mental health services have agreed that men are getting less help because fewer support services are targeted directly at them, which contributes to men’s shorter life expectancy."


They might agree but will they do sod all about it, especially funding and resources? We all know the man hating feminists see to it all funding only goes to women and they will play any measure of nasty tactics to make sure Men get none.


We know well how women get away with crimes and assaults by using "violence by proxy" so is this "tyranny by proxy"?

Maybe a good example of women undertaking bad deeds by proxy for use in the MRM?


Obama: 'She stands as an example to our daughters that there is no glass ceiling that can’t be shattered'

..on Maggie thatchers passing. Trust that rotten red mangina to say that first? What a schmuck, there is no glass ceiling !

The Iron Lady


One very good reason to like Maggie Thatcher. Real women don't need feminism, that's for the red-left and unmerited women who want excuses and gender hand-outs, real women reject feminism completely and it's misandry.

Thomas Ward

Dying cancer patients have been “betrayed” by a decision to ... Until now, patients suffering from more than 120 types of cancer ... was that decisions about prescribing should be made by clinicians for the benefit of their patient. ... are temporary and only give bowel cancer patients limited breathing space.

paul parmenter

Male bowel cancer on the increase? My word, that ubiquitous "man flu" must be even more prevalent than I had imagined.


Ah yes Paul "man flu" a pernicious myth still peddled in the press despite the legion of research evidence to the contrary. Men's generally poorer prognoses at diagnosis with all cancers and most other diseases is due to late presentation. In other words men die partly because they soldier on with symptoms much longer than women. In those industries where such analysis has been done men's sick leave is up to half that of women. No "man flu" seems to be a "dig" at men to keep them earning as long as possible. In the process it makes a contribution to their shorter lives. Part of being the disposable sex. I know you were being ironic but being in health services this myth makes me seeth.

Thomas Ward

The BBC ran a story this week from Cancer Research UK that bowel cancer is on the increase and its worse for men than women.

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