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Tuesday, 02 April 2013


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Men like Kier Starmer should be dealt with by other men, he is the worst kind of filth there is.


...and how much funding does Cancer research give to men compared to women?

yet another

Another day, another one but don't forget only women are victims ! Now lets see her get half or less a sentence as a man woudl have shall we....that's the norm isn't it?


This is such an excellent post Skimmington.

If the CPS becomes politicised it will serve precisely nobody. It was not so long ago they were making similar noises on domestic violence.

To be honest I don't know what barryb is doing here, since he claims to despise all the people and organisations who are doing something positive for men's rights at the moment:- Avfm, Mike Buchanan, MRA London, etc.

Must be some kind of troll from UK Feminista,
but oh well never mind.


What a wonderful example of a selfish western woman. probably a social worker the standard issue fem-crop and all...

tea is a nice drink

Oh great, the world according to a manipulative feminist man hater then...circumcise all men then imprison them all for rape, chapter 2.


Just seen Newsnight. Carried a story about Domestic Abuse. This included the Coronation St. storyline and the fact 800,000 men experience abuse. Yet the studio interviews ,surrounded by huge images of women completely marginalised the experience of men. Apart from a limp interjection by Kirsty Wark to mention men the whole thing didn't mention men.

Mike Buchanan

Groan, I'm planning to do a blog piece on the Newsnight piece on Tuesday evening, along with the footage concerned. I've emailed the Chief Exec of Women's Aid and asked her to provide evidence to back up one of the assertions she made on the show, by 5pm Tuesday. If she fails to respond - as I expect - I'll report that in the post too. DA/DV is becoming very rocky ground for feminists.


Is this what we have been waiting for? In a way?

NO wonder some are not happy about it, does it mean men accused of rape, D.V and other such crimes will now not be named until found guilty or of course will that be exempt?


" This inconsistency is clearly problematic. It is a contempt of court if a newspaper or broadcaster publishes prejudicial material about someone who has been arrested"

Which the press do every single day with men, especially those accused by women !

Have you seen the latest on the Phillpot matter btw? every single outlet is ONLY mentioning HIM, demonising the MAN, while the woman equally as guilty is shuffled off out the back door no doubt to end up let our of prison much earlier...because ultimately the "she's a victim really" excuses are already coming out.


Skimmington, I wish to take issue with you linking, "International Mens day" on this site. I feel any web site supposedly for men that has the following passage in it shoudl be rejected until it removes it and shows it understands why it shoudl be rejected.

" The ability to sacrifice your needs on behalf of others is fundamental to manhood, as is honour. Manhood rites of passage the world over recognise the importance of sacrifice in the development of Manhood. "

Maybe you could have a word with them but that passage does not belong on any website for MEN, it belongs on a chivalrous website for indoctored men.


Amanda Holden slates Mumsnet, not for their copious ma hate and feminism but because their natural feminist bitterness and bitchy nature made HER feel bad...


Well if this didn't show the "benefits" of employing a dumb unmerited female for the sake of it, nothing does.


Barryb I'd agree with you in theory about IMD. But amongst my male friends,even those done over in divorces or bullied by partners, there is a really deep deep desire to protect children and see the best in women as a group. I think we have start where people are and celebrate the many sacrifices men make and encourage them to see any campaign as about fairness ;not doing women down.
It is this that so incensed me,feminists constantly say men, all men, condone mistreatment of women when in fact the absolute reverse is true. If anything men have been so protective it has been paternalistic.


Sorry I groan I cannot agree with the way it is written, it clearly harks to the slavery of chivalry and anyone who considers themselves MRM would reject such indoctrine.

I have certainly withdrawn any support I will give it in my area because of it.


Yet another example of the "benefits" of quotas, the fat excuse making victimology exploiting female P.C is at it AGAIN !

How can anyone say this overweight (yes that matters in this job) female has the moral fibre or merit to be a police officer.

I certainly do not want exploiting female idiots like this with that kind of authority.


The epitome of what has killed this country and created a civil service that is bloated, useless and money wasting. One unmerited useless female creating a non job for another useless unmerited female

This is what you get what marxism and feminism take hold.

Time to clean house and get some standards back !


Indeed Paris may be one of the dafter ideas to come from the crop of Police Commissioners. More serious is the growing number who hop on the DV Violence against Women and Girls for their vote pleasing. Readers of TROM keep am eye on your local commissioner. Voted in on tiny votes they are vulnerable to pressure groups like Womansaid and Refuge.


Really good article also highlighting the antiquated attitude to women as helpless or automatically a primary parent. Also the distorting effect of the Violence against Women and Girls strategy on government agencies and those they fund.

victim of cps fraud

The current COS system uses the media to show the big cases it prosecutes, and the reality is that 98% of the charges are based on no evidence, and seek to abuse the process of the courts so they can all earn money from this selling of innocent people to the prison traders, the Crown Prosecution system is a total fraud.

Victim of CPS Fraud.

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