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Monday, 01 April 2013


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Jake Smith, Tower Hamlets

It's not just the law of coercion either. Look at the way Vickie Pryce gets to stroll around a luxury 15th century mansion while Chris Huhne is banged up in Wandsworth jail!

FFS Where is the fairness in that!

Phil  richmond

One thing's for sure we need a pro male party now more than ever. Was reading in the paper today that two thirds of girls achieve five good GCSEs and only half of boys.

Goes to show how feminized our education system is. Come on lads, we need to get this sorted out ASAP.



The Tories are nervous about J4mb right now because they are an unknown quantity. They could be very successful or they could have no effect at all. They simply don't know yet which it will be. I don't think anyone else does for that matter.


talking of law "Mr Baker said: 'I came home after one row and the house was stripped bare. Her and her family had taken literally everything, they hadn't even left me a teaspoon.

'The curtains were gone, the curtain rails were gone, even the plants from the garden had gone.

'I rang the police but there's nothing they could do because it was domestic.I thought I would put this sign up to show her that she wasn't getting anything."

Ah yes, if only he had a vagina, he could have made up all kind of stories and she woudl have been arrested on the spot.


IndThink - The thing about J4MB is that men now have an opportunity to enter a private booth and place a cross in a box and nobody would ever find out what they voted for. So the usual stigma associated with men not being able to speak their minds in front of other men, their wives, friends,family etc. for fear of being ridiculed will be eradicated. An interesting concept that Mike should use to his advantage, if. he's smart enough, which I think he is.


If J4MB are linked with AVFM, MRA london, Aimee Mcgee and certain other individuals, I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them. Mark my words.

Threat to the Tories? Get bloody real, only a threat to peoples donations and wasted time and trust.

Paul F

Mike is doing incredible work out there, and it's great to hear on his blog that the number of donations is rising (and increasing in size) all the time.

One minor concern I'd raise is as to whether he fully realises the power of social media to help get the message across and to spread those ideas.

For instance, during Obama's bid to become president his social media team were actually the biggest part of his staff:

So that aspect is not just an add-on these days, but a vital part of the battle.

Ideally, I think you want to reach a stage where the message become self-perpetuating through social and media networks. That so you can reach people who don't listen to the radio for example.

(Mind you, it's true that things like Facebook and Twitter accounts need time and effort to set up, so perhaps some willing volunteers are required in that area as well. But there's enough passion and energy out there if you look in the right places.)

Mike Buchanan

IndependentThinker, Dave, and Paul F, thank you for your comments. We have a YouTube channel (link below) but could certainly help with support re Facebook etc. if anyone's an expert in social media?

BarryB, I've written and published three books largely about militant feminism, I've been working 70+ hours pw for over a year on my campaigns and more recently party-related matters, and I've had ten BBC radio interviews in the past four weeks. I earn precisely £0.00 pa for my efforts and I'm confident my workload and its associated income will ever change. Please enlighten us all with what YOU have done in relation to the MHRM in the past year (beyond sneering at MHRAs, obviously). You recently even sneered at our party's name, so again do enlighten us with your superior alternative (presumably you must have one, to have made such a comment?) If it helps, the party name must be no more than six words, the strapline likewise. Thank you.

Mike Buchanan

(and the women who love them)

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