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Saturday, 20 April 2013


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Mike Buchanan

I emailed Fawcett to say it's about time they had a chairman rather than a chairwoman, for the sake of gender equality, and they could expect my completed application form shortly.

Mike Buchanan



Well done Mike B. Perhaps they'll have all male shortlists in the interests of gender balance. ?? Perhaps Tom Martin should apply too. After all I'm sure FS would want a variety of candidates.

ian sinclair

A few years ago I met an individual that reckoned that the fawcett society had very few members. his reasoning was that he had been on their website and there was some sort of yes/no poll. He selected no and found that 100% voted yes. He left the site but for some reason clicked back in only to be confronted by the poll again. He was surprised that he could once again vote. This he did and again it was for no. He went in and out a few times and found that the vote rapidly came down from 100% for the motion to 100% against the motion. Seemingly he didn't spend long to do this.
Therefore, is the fawcett society getting more leverage than their small size justifies, assuming that what I heard to be true?


Can't they just employ Jane Garvey? Would at least add a touch of honesty to proceedings.

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