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Sunday, 21 April 2013


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Glen Poole is doing valuable work on forming cooperative ways of working and thinking among the disparate organisations helping men and boys.

I'm an "orange" in the schema. Clearly Trom is a place for all or most colours of the men's movement/s. Have a look. It may help Mike B and JFM&B as they develop a broad based policy offer to attract votes.


Many authors, including Melanie Philips in this country. Have noted the very effective tactic in Gender Feminism, to concentrate on schools and particularly University. As we can see from the political crop of feminists this targeting of future leaders has meant feminist policies and agendas have political traction far beyond numbers of voters or public opinion. So supporting men's groups in Uni. Is important far beyond their current impact. As the LSE case showed misandry gains a respectability by academic association no matter how weak the actual academic work really is. Well done Martin for shining a small light on it.

Mike Buchanan

Groan, I agree, Glen Poole's doing some terrific things. J4MB has a very different focus, the political battle to have men's human rights recognised. We're hoping to target the top 30 Tory marginals in 2015, and seeking candidates for these seats (or other Tory marginals). The seats are listed here:

Mike Buchanan

(and the women who love them)



" . We will welcome and encourage many different approaches and value what works for different people in different contexts

2. We will remember that an integral approach requires us to consider issues from the perspective of “all quadrants” – intentional, behavioural, cultural and systemic

3. We will consider how we can make a difference at “all levels”, particularly in relation to the 8 levels of consciousness defined in Spiral Dynamics "

I think that website has just bored too death many would be supporters :-) Not to mention looking like something to be suspicious of, with that kind of talk, especially when it comes from anyone who supports (international mens day) that states,

"The ability to sacrifice your needs on behalf of others is fundamental to manhood, as is honour. Manhood rites of passage the world over recognise the importance of sacrifice in the development of Manhood "

So you want to make men dumb chivalrous apha slaves all over again eh? Any group pretending to be for men should not be dictating what makes a man or how one should be measured based on any kind of Dogma or ideology. I would certainty do my best to fight against such a group that makes a statement like that.


Isn't this exactly what the "system" and the agenda wanted to happen? Unsubstantiated allegations kept on file? I understood they wanted this in as norm anyway, if enough Sue over it maybe it will help?

Groan A MRA success in exposing the misandry of gender feminists. Trampling on the past and present where our comfort still relies on men and their willingness to do the dirty and dangerous jobs or is it lack of alternatives? Self sacrifice called "oppression", harsh choices called freedom hard work a form of privilege. Well done MRA London.

"The real issue is that the Radfem 2013 event would have been held at a centre which regularly hosts 'family' music and arts workshops. This is a centre which has a history of supporting women and men in finding their feet in London; a city which quite literally was built by the Irish – the 'navvies' who also built the canals and underground, the labourers who still maintain and build its roads and buildings, sewers and water pipes (and Olympic Parks)."


Now , same crime...lets see how many headlines, hype and hatred is projected by the media and the people at this compared to Mr Philpot?


Hi barryb the hyperbole isn't mine. But I think it does illustrate the "man made" nature of our comfortable western world and the fact that hhe majority of the men making it did not do so enjoying "patriarchal privilege" or even a vote. Each of the nations on these islands make extravagant claims, but they have in common that the modernity that is so taken for granted wAs and is man made . Speaking of extravagant claims the FS is one those whose active membership is influential but not at all numerous.


The "man made" I can certainly agree with Groan, as I always point out to every whining woman, take a look aroudn you and every single thing you see almost was invented by, built by and is maintained by MEN !

... but Irish built it all, I think not ! That's coming from a half Irish, half Englishman who worked on the Roads and in building :-)

anyway today's treat for western women and the dumb useful idiot men who do their bidding...a lesson, just a shame it wasn't three times the sentence as it should have been !!

The Watcher


You might want to feature this in your next news update. Apparently, they are giving away free taxpayers' cash from the public purse in Newport. This happens every year. One snag though; you only get it if you happen to female:

Erm...whoa there: is that even legal?!:)

Moreover, it puts a tremendous amount of power (and potential for abuse of it) in the hands of the people who decide whom they think 'deserves' the much-heralded dosh. What if this were merely a 'front' for Rosemary Butler et al to dole out public money to their mates - or even as bribes?

Besides, how so much spare cash flowing 'round: I thought they were all supposed to be skint?

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