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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


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I have had a long running issue on my local "rag" who is constantly promoting these women and their hate-mongering, time and time again I have been trying to point out their lies and agenda, only to have comments deleted and over 75 accounts now.

This will be helpful in shoving yet more FACTS in their faces next time they do yet another article promoting the agenda and refuge/women's aid. Over the years they have not done a SINGLE article for men in the same way but dozens upon dozens for women.

P.S Deleting my comment was stupid skimmington, especially as Groan answered it after it was removed. Makes you look manipulative. I don't tolerate that nonsense on our side or the other.

Skimmington (Editor)

Hi Bob

I only delete comments that are libellous, anti-women or use extreme offensive language.

The site encourages healthy debate and discussion but some of the comments recently are beyond the pale hence they are deleted or amended.


That comment contained none of those things. You make all the excuses you like.

Gerry Dorrian

When a drugs worker I was latterly a domestic violence liaison worker, and all the trainers - predominantly women - said that the lack of support for male victims of domestic violence was shameful.


I see my comment this morning to Groan has "vanished" Why is he promoting Poole and his website? A man who co-ordinates a group that thinks men should be measured by chivalrous dogma (IMD), who is paid by the Guardian to sell out and attack fellow MRA who are suing sexist establishments and who runs a website that sounds more a cult than anything. Groan who claims he is an "Orange schema" on Pooles site? Is Tom cruise in it too?

Why is that, why did that comment vanish I wonder?


Sorry Bob - I cannot have potential libels on this site. I get sued, you don't. If you want to make comments about F4J like that, please set up your own site.


It's not libel it you was there and witnessed him buying meals for the lads in an Indian resturaunt is it? I was.

Funny it does not seem to stop other sites putting it up? So why you also delete the comment to Groan about Poole?


yet more female product of the labour education system



At least Russia has some balls for equality, unlike this pathetic country that has been instructed to be lenient to women offenders....


More psycho-femeat

Yet the courts have been told to be more lenient on WOMEN?

So how can any man receive a fair trial?


Yet another, this is just the tip of the iceberg, the true face of modern women post feminism....


Yet another thieving woman escapes prison...


They're just pouring out of the woodwork but don;t forget, sugar and spice and some MP's who are clearly misandrists want to close women's prisons and have already instructed judges to "be more lenient" with women offenders !!


There's just no accounting for Baby rabies....5 lousy years...PATHETIC !


Ah don't worry she MUST be a victim somewhere for something, they'll be lenient on her no doubt...


Thanks Skimmington for a really good piece on this issue. I notice Keir Starmer is to step down from the CPS. He used the VAWG strategy to push through a particular view of prosecutions etc. The Strategy is also used to direct public funding toward the women only services.


Can someone please explain to me why this policy only applies to male prisners?

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