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Sunday, 26 May 2013


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Anti-Feminism League is a not-for-profit organisation. It's run by volunteers who don't benefit from it financially in any way. If you'd like to support our cause we should be grateful for your donation, which will be used exclusively to support our campaign work. The League shares a PayPal account with an associated organisation, Campaign for Merit in Business. Thank you.

Interesting, so one claims its not for profit but just happens to "share" a paypal account with a political party?

So are they also making the commitment and statement that they are not for profit or that nobody is or will make anything from it? I believe there are laws concerning non profits and political parties in bed together.

Mike Buchanan

I can't believe I'm taking time out to respond to more nasty ranting from the pub bore. Nobody earns a penny income from the two campaigns, or from the political party:

J4MB (the registered political party)
Anti-Feminism League
Campaign for Merit in Business

Doubtless the pub bore will still rant away. It's what pub bores do. Anyone who wants to email me with queries about this matter, or indeed anything to do with the party or the two campaigns, is invited to email me at


Bit defensive and spouting shaming language aren't we mike? ;-) Perhaps you shoudl make up another group and add it to the paypal account...donations please!

Why do they have to email you? You "lose" emails apparently, or perhaps you want the details or awkward questions kept out of public view?

So far your answers create more questions, not a very good politician are you. I've seen some very clever pub bores in the quizzes down my local ;-)

paul parmenter

We do indeed seem to be moving, at long last, into an era where the attacks on men's rights are being recognised and challenged as never before. But this progress continues to be painful and slow as the supporters of that entrenched anti-male orthodoxy do their utmost to derail the process.

No victory, however small, can be won easily. There is a good illustration of this in the WRVS report. Why, exactly, has this organisation, that has happily operated under the sexist banner of being a women's organisation for decades, and without being challenged, suddenly now decided to become male-friendly? Don't be fooled into thinking that this decision has anything to do with a sense of fairness or a desire to embrace true equality. The leopard does not change its spots so readily. No, there is one reason and one reason only for this change; and it has nothing to do with recognising that men should have the same rights as women. The decision is purely because the organisation is short of volunteers and is being overwhelmed with demands that cannot be met by its women alone. They have found that they need men's help, and desperately. That has been the catalyst for this change; nothing else.

It simply proves that female sexism does not listen to arguments about fairness or the application of logic. The only thing that shifts it out of its blinkered mentality, is when reality bites it in the bum and forces it to realise that misandry is, in the end, a self-defeating exercise that leads only to a dead end of misery for both sexes. But that lesson takes a hell of a long time to sink in. And men should recognise that there is still the same old enmity just under the surface. If ever men are perceived to be no longer of use to women, they will be kicked out far quicker than they were ever let in.

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