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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


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Well said!

I got this one off Mike's site. Great vid. Hate to say it - and not being big-headed or anything - but I've been saying for quite some time that garnering the support of men is half our battle here. That, coupled with changing the way the media deals with men, would have us on our way.

It's a two step process: raise awareness amongst men and garner their support and recognition of male issues. Then see this followed by mass complaints and strategically tactical voting to show they mean business.

Gerry Dorrian

Well said!

Markus, Australia

Love your work for the MHRM, Mr Skimmington.


Please don't be put off. One thing I like is the ease of this site. I expect there will always be those with intemperate views, or lots of them. As D ave says the job generally is to inform those wanting to learn and pass on that information. It is inevitable in such a frustrating endeavour with PC orthodoxy dominating the scene some got ott. Keep Calm and carry on TROM


First get something right Skimmington, as you clearly aim this at me because I hurt your wittle "business partners" feelings.

A troll is someone who posts anything simply to provoke a reaction, I post to say my piece on a story, make aware a story in the media or call out wrong shit when I see it. I don't give a fuck what the reaction is or even if there is none at all. If you want Troll, try Mike Buchanan who has been making sniping comments on mine even when they have nothing to do with him. I guess it don't apply to him in your little club eh? Talk about a hypocrite.

As for mangina/white-knight, you must be fuc*ing delusional, me? I don't think even your hardest lick-arse could think I'm that for one minute. That's your dept, when you censor men who say anything remotely negative about cupcakes! That is white-knight/mangina work, that's what YOU do.

You even said "hates women"? If that doesn't speak volumes about your inner workings and agenda, what does? Talk about from a text book.

Now you play the oldest trick the simpering victimology tones in order to crowd gather and get others to go along with it (the sheepish morons mostly who don't watch the details) . Notice how Mike Buchanan still avoids questions in the posts? Anyone noticed that? The he gets skimington to censor if they dig too much or keep asking.

In twenty years you dozy donors will still be sat here, just like with families need fathers for example, who got big state funding in the end, now milk nice fat wages for themselves and their cronies and huge expenses.... and achieve NOTHING in over 30 years to make any difference, why would they really want to? The status quo keeps them in coin. They do go to a lot of meetings though, expenses paid of course!

It's a fucking scam ,everyone is at I and I know exactly how it works. Mike Buchanan is after that coin. Mark my words I know a Wine bar special when I see one. He is it. Wait and see, donations, legitimise, sell-out, (be seen to include women and censor men who say anything too negative or aggressive about them), Gov funding...Payday !

Is that the "Usurp" you talk of Skimington? Bit of a Freudian slip there wasn't it? Must be, because there is bugger all here to "Usurp" other than a bunch of repeated headlines, much of which you take from what I bloody post, and have done so for ages, so who usurps who you hypocrite. Yeah, Usurp was a big slip on your part ;-)

Anyway get used to it, I ain't going nowhere, in fact your whining and tactics you think I don;t know well, have made me more determined to expend my efforts to dig under you and find out what I want to know.

Has anyone never wondered why Skimmiington leaves this board open and not a registered forum? Anyone can post as anyone here right? So When he needs to look as if he is right (or any one of the cronies can) or when he needs support (crowd gather tactic), he could just post as someone else, or one of his cronies can?

Why does a website so tightly linked and helpful (censoring/promoting) for a political party, have a sysop who hides their identity? Indeed, why does Skimmington hide? Has he got a record for fraud? sex crimes? I don't know but anyone who puts themselves forward as a leader of anything or head honcho, should be identified to the public no, especially if they are linked with a registered political party.

I would say, all a bit shady eh? Are the readers even sure all BarryB posts are Barryb or someone making him look worse for targeting or to detract attention away form the awkward questions?

Think about it before you donate. You really that stupid you can't see the game?

Miek Buchanan

Thank you for that Barryb, I will reflect on what you have said. I have started to realise recently that I am a man with absolutely no penis.

Mike Buchanan

I see BarryB has just added a nasty little comment using 'Miek Buchanan'. What an intellectual giant he is haha.


Little Mikey, That was clearly a deliberate sarcastic comment to make a point about the previous comment, insomuch that anyone can be anyone on here. You will notice I deliberately spelt "Miek" wrong and made the post very clearly sarcastic and piss taking, so people, that being any idiot except you, could clearly see that?

So instead of trying to be a clever little prick and making snide little comments, maybe you should realise the egg is on your face right now.

Anything to avoid the truth eh ;-)

Mike Buchanan (BarryB's mini-me)

Oh God Barryb, I really made an arse of that backfire didn't I.

(Yesss, can you guess it this time?)

People's front of Judea

Who said Jehovah !

Mike Buchanan



The problem is less with the likes of Barryb making silly comments - annoying & distracting though that is. The greater problem is men having been culturally bludgeoned, non-stop over 30 years, by elites who prioritise their own vested interests above the rest of the population. Somehow these elites have made it shameful to speak out for truth and fairness, and because of this, many men have become cowed. We need to find some way to reverse this process, to make it seem normal and acceptable to assert our rights and our status as human beings. The internet gives us hope because at least now there is a medium through which we can voice our concerns and express discontentment with this treatment meted out from on high.


I have been busy with Men's health week. But spot on Truthseeker. There is just loads of work to be done.

Peter sandman

I see Mike Buchanan is technically Trolling a few posts up, so there is a bit of hypocrisy going on I'm afraid. Not the best example for a "Politician"?

Mike Buchanan

'Peter Sandman' - I can't recall seeing that name here before. Could you possibly be...?

Peter, I have no idea what you mean by 'technically trolling a few posts up'. Could you please enlighten me?


I have to say, it does seem a tad hypocritical to complain of silly comments or trolling on the site, then for the same people complaining to be making sarcastic or inflammatory stabs themselves? I can see how that could be called trolling in a way.

Not the best way for a, "Politician" to go about business is it?

D. Coveren

Hmm? I would have thought that meant pounce as in during a phone-in interview, or at worse placards or something, but I doubt that'll happen.

Hate too say it but you do sound as if you are playing victim a bit now Mike, especially after making a few sarcastic/snide comments back yourself?

You won't last long as a politician if you can't handle such a low level of heat without breaking down. Either debate the facts and argue the points they raise, or just ignore them. It's poor show to avoid those points and then play victim after. That's how the other side does it isn't it?

Just my two pence.

Mike Buchanan

Thanks D. Coveren, you make some good points. His insults (and false allegations) aren't limited to me, though. Skimmington, Dave, and Groan are regularly in his firing line, and I think his nasty and aggressive tone has made this site - which I rate highly - a great deal less 'user friendly'

I'd be happy to 'debate facts' but BarryB doesn't deal in facts. He makes false allegations which can't be disproved e.g. he believes I'm in this for financial gain one day. Ha! I suggest he asks the Electoral Commission to investigate our financial controls and records.

Please let me know of any points you feel I've 'avoided', and I'll genuinely do my best to answer them.

BarryB  (Mikey's therapist)

Just got back in, oh listen to her....

First off, "doesn't wish to engage?" What rubbish you talk, apart from sarcastic comments you happily post back you also made for example, the first post two threads back:

" Thanks S. I expect BarryB will vomit his customary bile in the comment stream, but until then...
Posted by: Mike Buchanan | Sunday, 09 June 2013 at 23:00

So you trolled and later engaged on the back of it. Stop trying to play victim and inventing a boogey man, its pathetic. What next trying to make out now there is a death squad after you?

Libel? I never said nothing about the hoover nozzle on your dick and the thing you did with that woman's Dachshund in Cardiff?

Threats, libel...... whimper.

Stop whining and victimising up like a tart, your supposed to be fighting them, not being them,

Tim Hutsford

@ D Coveren - Don't worry D Coveren, Mike Buchanan has already shown himself to be as tough as nails. He has already faced down several professional rad-fems on live radio debates and he has got the better of them every time. I would say his only weakness is that he can be too nice. Trying to reason with hecklers who have IQs lower than room temp goes well beyond the call of duty IMO.

Tom Shedford

So why does he quiver and shake at interviews looking like little orphan Oliver asking for more?

He has done no such thing yet anyway, he tries to "get it in" but does not have the presence or stature with which to properly silence the others. Maybe when he grows up he will grow into it a bit but he better off wearing platforms.

How do you know what IQ a heckler has? Unless you are him, or is shaming language all you have too?

Tim H.

His presentation skills can't be all that bad if big media companies like the BBC and LBC keep asking him back to do more and more interviews.

'How do you know what IQ a heckler has?'

If they come out with a neverending stream of stupid comments and accusations you might start to get that impression that's all.

Mike Buchanan

Tim H, thank you.

Hmm, I wonder who 'Tom Shedford' might be? Even Columbo couldn't crack this mystery haha

Barryb (Mikey's monster in the closet)

Because Mike doesn't engage does he....ppffff !

Mike why do you keep stating the blooming obvious which is done blatantly on purpose to try and make out you are being clever?

Lets get ma crayons look...

Tim HUT-ford..
Tom SHED-ford?

God you was a genius to uncover that !

Anyway Local BBC and Radio isn't jack, may as well be a leaflet in a stadium full of posters. God a bunch of dudes made world-wide prime time news all channels just climbing up some shit for the cause, so he is a long way behind. To be fair (don't get all moist mikey) he hasn't done it that long but with his presence I don't suspect it will be any time soon?

When he is on Prime time BBC news or Sky doing full interviews, then I will be suitably impressed and only if he slams dunks the mangina's and femi's on there.

Tim H




Seriously, I wish you would quit with all of this. It's quite clear to everyone that it is you who turned against Mike for various reasons that I - or probably most others - still don't understand. I think many of your links in the past have been really useful and I thank you for that. I also think that you have an interesting style (being as polite as I can be) and a certain amount of tenacity in your personality that could help in certain ways if it's channelled correctly. You are also obviously passionate about men's rights, which is good.

But why don't you quit with expending your energy on Mike or Skimmington and help the cause by jumping onto various forums and raising men's issues there? Or perhaps start your own blog like Angry Harry where you can do and say whatever you like. Also, you could spend your time writing complaints emails to sexist advertisers or complain to ofcom etc. I'm sure with your tone and style they would realise how angry some men actually feel these days.

It's just that most people here think Mike is doing a sterling job and your attacks (which you started) are completely unjustified. Take the last couple of interviews that Mike did. Please listen to them and explain to me what you think is so wrong. Ok, we could all criticise. Even I was screaming for Mike to challenge that freakin' moron of a presenter when he said that men were lazy and that it was better to work for women than men. I would have jumped down his throat like nobody's business with a nice long list of chores and dirty, dangerous jobs that men do, but I guess it's easier said than done when you're not actually there. It's always easier to dream up something that you could have said when it's too late!

My point is that Mike is doing his level best and getting better all of the time. He keeps his cool in interviews and delivers slam-dunk, factual comments back to moronic interviewers in the vast majority of cases and his confidence appears to be rising exponentially. He is raising awareness, too, and getting recognised in a significant way by a number of interested parties.

So why don't you continue with your worthwhile contributions but leave all of the other pointless attacks behind. It would be really good if you could channel your passion and energy and thus ultimately help the cause rather than waste time attacking Mike. Come on, Barryb, you know it makes sense.

Mike Buchanan

I can scarcely believe I'm posting this comment, but I have two minutes before retiring for the night. 'Local BBC and Radio isn't jack'. I refer to the following library of interviews and discussions:

Not sure which of the following BarryB would regard as 'local':

BBC Radio 4 including 'Woman's Hour'.
BBC Radio 2 'Jeremy Vine Show'.
BBC Radio 5 Live.
BBC Radio Scotland.

BBC2 TV 'Daily Politics'.
BBC TV Parliament.

Good night.


Mike radio is still small potatoes, it's background noise to most people. Those who are actually "listening" usually have some involvement or interest in the whole thing already anyway and they are not the ones you need to get to. It is the masses, the voter and the only way to do that in any numbers that means anything is prime time TV.

Your ego does not reach that far I'm afraid and you only posted for the sake of just that, ego. Beware I have seen them come and go because of that !

Dave, all noted get back to you later on that, bed time now...gotta tuck Mikey in too :-)

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