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Friday, 14 June 2013


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John thank you for this. In Men's Health week and at a time when it is still an uphill struggle to get issues on the agenda of Symantec or NHS a reminder energies need to focussed on making a contribution in what ever way people can. I have no knowledge of IT and am only to glad to hear of this work and add my tiny contribution. Little of party politics but support those who do. Am not conscious of some misandry but will complain if helped to see it. This site in articles and comments has enabled me to link my issues and work to a wider agenda. Probably not a MRA but with a little influence to improve fairness for men. And as a citizen able to add my voice when shown how I can. It's a shame where the longest thread recently isn't outward looking.
N possible.


BTW the N possible bit is an unintended illustration of lack of skill. Thanks TROM for making it easy to comment. So many sites make it hard.


The longest thread recently is revealing.

Paranoia, ego, personal agenda.

That's what I have seen so far.

A long way from a united front and even longer to a proper leader with balls who does not still pedestal women or think the MRM needs them.

I see F4J that is now totally run by women is paling up with George Galloway and defacing the Queen.

A once powerful force taken over by socialist Marxist feminism backed by a fabian traitor.

Don't say I didn't warn you. Those who let women in the MRM are the enemy.


What I really mean (before mikey gets all titty) is those with more balls to undertake action and get harder publicity are now being used by those who do not have our interests to heart, but there's or the other sides instead.

Just like with terrorism, when the mainstream or majority turn their back on their own disenfranchised individuals because they kick them too one side because its hard work or because they are too soft-soft approach or lack any real motion, the ne're do wells or opposition step in and take them from you to use against you.

The greatest enemy often comes with a smile and a offer of help.


No surprise there, if it was women the gov would be giving 100 million to it and Tesco would be backing man 4life while it bans women.

Luke G

Hi Barry

Without being partronising, the last two - three comments (without the bit about Mikey!) - are exactly what I do want to read


Sorry I don't let anybody dictate what I say and on that issue I don't do P.C either and I abhor "conforming". it 's what keeps things from progressing for men and falls right in to the liberal/feminist plan, that's why they invented P.C and shaming for anyone who stands up and gives it some attitude.

Anyway, I thought I would mention that bit as it is not all aimed at him and just in case he gets all "tin foil hat" on me.

You should see the s**t I throw at my local politician, Mike would think I'm pedestalling him by comparison. I still want an Olympic sport where we strap them to a machine and shout "PULL" !


Talking of political correctness ...

Now if only THIS guy had a men's party the Fems and Parliament would lay bricks out there backside :-)

Perhaps Mike could hire him as a warm up act for meetings with the fems? :-)

(Advisory: content of link contains adult language and hard truth that may offend some people who need to be hit with a large Trout)

Bored of Barry

This is tiresome - John Kimble has raised a very serious issue affecting men's human rights and sexism and all we get is more five year old level abuse from Barry. Honestly, this guy must be being paid by Harman - he is embarrassing the men's human right's movement.

If you have nothing positive to say - go Troll on the F Word.


Bored of barry, so what, the issue has been raised again and again and again, what's the bloody point of raising it over and over if nobody does f**k all about it?

You bored with barry then don't read Barry you idiot. If your that bored why did you even comment?

If your that bothered about it, go start a protest with your M.P, stand outside the company's headquarters with a of course not, you'll just sit here and moan in another name

F*ck you.


Out of curiosity, this issue has been plastered over almost every MRM site on the Net, out of all those who run sites and call themselves leaders of anything, has any single one of them done anything like that mentioned above?? anyone?


Oh look, another sexist woman MP, Tessa Jowell this time, who thinks women are "much more driven" than men.


Racist misandry bacon.

As if women do not have enough made up victimology to throw around and hide their agenda behind, this one has a vagina and a religion in her arsenal with which to practise all manner of discrimination while protected by its p.c empowered victimology.

oh can't use the vagina maneuver on this male, i know i will turn on my muslim death ray of make believe ! They just get worse.....


So where exactly is he "choking" her? What whipped up lying headlines to play victim on her b ehalf. The white-knight chivalry drivel in the comments show us where the MRM should be concentrating it's focus. MEN!


Revel in it people! Feminists and socialism created it. It has ruined a country and will be like a cancer...all because of pedestalling and chivalrous weak useful idiot men. Most for these Fatherless children are DELIBERATELY MADE by women and the state for the billion dollar industry it creates and the social engineering being undertaken.


Men need to withdraw from this rotten society, kick western misandry into the street, stop paying tax, stop being a cupcakes lacky and stop financing the welfare state that is used to tear them down.

P.S where are men's group or parties in this article or any mainstream one today? Did none of these groups or parties build up to fathers day and use it's opportunity to raise awareness in the mainstream, not seen any so far?

I saw all this coming when I saw women in job centres a couple of decades ago, deliberately promoting that couples split up to get more benefits.

It was obvious to me back then that social engineering was already under way.


Happy Father's Day, from the Huffington Post...

Oh, and barryb, that does like an assault on Nigella. I'm sorry, but violence against a spouse or partner is never acceptable, as I'm sure you'd agree. We need to fight for the rights of male victims to be recognised and get help, and we don't do that by dismissing or downplaying what is obviously an assault against a woman by her own husband.

Let us not become like the feminists we all hate, by stooping to their levels of bigotry.


Scarecrow, I get your point maybe I could have worded it better but I also know someone how knows her from a good few years back, she is so far up her own backside and been playing hypergamy it's not true.

I suspect if there is any truth to this , she very likely earned it by constantly using her own type of "domestic violence" on him as so many women do. Passive aggressive, sulking, emotional blackmail and so forth. The fact statistics shows most women instigate D.V

I don't condone hitting anyone, male or female for "NO" reason, but I certainly do not play up to the chivalrous brainwashing like that lets women get away with all kinds of abuse time and time again, "there is never any reason to hit a woman" Oh yes there f***ing is.


The post was also to raise awareness on the comments with the article and study the chivalry/white knight reactions of the masses and the pre-judgments therein, it shows how good a job the fem's did and how far we need to go still....

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