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Monday, 01 July 2013


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Talking of wimbledon, I see that piece of meat harriet harman is trolling her bull.

Meanwhile a "study" looks for more excuses for women not to have to do demanding, anti-social or hard work. Do you think they did a study on the long term effects for men? Nah!

Fun ny how all these things only seem to effect WESTERN women?

J. Mackie

The Fawcett Society are obviously not reading the same material that I am reading. From time to time I browse the equality guff published on college and university websites.

On one college website they trumpet the statistic that 54% of their managers are female. They also trumpet their events marking International Women's day. Their policies list their positive action programmes, funnily enough, mainly targetting women.

However, when it comes to International Men's day....nothing. When it comes to reducing their 76% female staff level by some positive action for males....nothing.

Other educational establishments have now even omitted their gender employment statistics. Of course, it really is a bit difficult to bang on about a pay gap faced by women when the vast majority of the employees are female.

One university, no doubt shortly to remove such evidence, falls over itself for the Athena Swan standard by targetting positive action for women while having departments that are 100% female.

paul parmenter

Hypocrisy and lies have always been the hallmarks of feminism. I would also advise against listening to anything the Fawcett Society has to say; it is just a propaganda machine, and not a particularly good one at that. It really is of no importance, and I wish people would stop seeking its opinion on every matter affecting men or women. Its answers are as predictable as they are worthless.

Mike Buchanan

Paul, you're quite right to advise against people listening to Fawcett, of course. But they ARE, sadly, important - the mainstream media blindly repeat the content of Fawcett's reports and press releases, even papers which at one time would have shown some critical judgment, e.g. Daily Tel.


And in the same way the Guardian headlines as hitting women yet the data in the article shows men are disproportionately hit by the jobs cuts in the public sector and disproportionately hit by unemployment overall. Somehow being men being 25% of the public sector workforce but being 30% of the ones losing jobs in that sector is a hit on women????

As the comments almost uniformly point out either the Guardian's maths is trly appaling or this is just 1984 Ministry of Truth stuff. just like Fawcett.

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