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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


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Steve in Brighton

Interesting entry. One of the most surprising things is Huff-Post employing Claire-Louise Meadows to write from an MRA perspective. You would expect to have anti-feminist pieces here and there in the DM but only a few years back Huff-Po was as bad as the left-leaning papers based here in the UK. Financial pressure or a crisis of conscience?


It is a nonsense that the health minister can't make an obvious point without being shouted down by agenda-driven bigots. If everyone in the health service goes part-time it increases costs. It's not rocket science!


The Huff-po is a socialist vehicle, the daily mail is an agent provocative. Nothing less.

Anyone who employs a woman to write from an MRA a player of the game not to be trusted. The ONLY thing that can speak from an MRA standpoint is a MAN.


See how this story is repeating in the many FEMALE teachers have had sex with young boys...but that's okay, they jus6t made a mistake, they don't even go to trial.

Mike Buchanan

Am I alone in noticing that when BarryB starts ranting, other people stop making comments? It's about time he started his own blog - it would cost nothing to set up, and take five minutes - and stopped dumping on TROM.


Am I alone that every time Mike sucks of skimington he censors posts for him.

The sign of a lying dishonest c*nt.


I don't think anyone can expect main media to turn into a vehicle for men's rights. Almost by definition, main media is about bringing in a profit and has to sell to a profitable audience.

What has happened, I think and hope, is that men's issues have started to get some traction. In the UK, we now have a few politicians who are speaking out directly for men, and even directly against feminism. My own MP reported that he is now getting 'several' contacts on men's issues whereas a decade ago I was the only one he'd ever hear from.

As people in general become more aware of men's issues, so the main media has to cater to that audience if it is to remain profitable.

The recent tightening of journalistic standards has done no harm, either, since journalists are becoming wary of accepting feminist press-releases at face value and are doing the investigation into the claims made: and therefore often not repeating the lies.

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