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Friday, 31 December 2010


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John Kimble

Nice comprehensive summary. The sentiment is spot on although I think you could have added a few more small but significant pluses:

1. the Lib Dems forcing the man hating Scottish government to debate violence against men was quite an achievement and highly unexpected. It's true that no one stands up for men in Westminster, but that's clearly not the case in Scotland at all.

2. Vera Baird lost her "safe" seat in a humiliating fashion. Everyone knows how sexist Harman is and she gets all the headlines, but if anything Baird was the most misandric MP in Parliament.

3. The Lib Dems producing a men's manifesto was a landmark, though I'm not hopeful they'll get much done with Lynne Featherstone in charge of equalities.

4. A number of feminists got slapped down for lying. Most notably Harman on pay gaps. Also the Stern rape review was a plus, echoing our accusation that the antics of feminists lying about conviction rates harms victims.

Of the top of my head the only negative you've missed is the legalisation of CRUK's sexist Race for Life (though such legislation at least suggests we were in the right in the past and it was illegal up until now).


An excellent summary:
With respect to legislation requiring a percentage of women on company boards, foresight would require that we ensure that men are written into the legislation ensuring that they too have a guaranteed percentage participation. With women comprising 60% of college graduates it is inevitable so this proposed legislation is actually required to protect men in the future. So feminists want it legislated that at least 30% of a board to be women (AND we need to ensure that at least 30% are men is written into a gender neutral legislation)

paul parmenter

It is important to understand the bigger picture of how the vicious circle works in practice.

Women live significantly longer than men, therefore there are significantly more women voters than men. Women voters therefore get the MPs they want. Forget the fact that most MPs are still male: that is irrelevant. Women are perfectly happy with male MPs so long as they promote the best interests of females. Which is how the whole rotten system works.

Women voters ensure that their MPs are overwhelmingly pro-female and committed to maintaining the status quo where women are given priority in health care, social services and the soft jobs that are never going to kill them. The legal system and law enforcement agencies are also heavily biased in favour of females, as we all know.

In contrast, those pro-female MPs will naturally continue to bear down heavily on men and boys, ensuring they get the poorest health care and dismal or non-existent services from the taxes they pay. Instead they will be cemented into the jobs that will kill them, made subservient to females under the law, punished more heavily and regularly sent off in numbers to be butchered in crazy foreign wars.

The result is the glaring life expectancy gap that continues to ensure women stay in control of the votes and therefore of the MPs who will continue to implement all the above policies.

Each general election simply gives another twist to this circle. It has been going on for decades. It makes no difference whatsoever which political party is in power: they are all pro-female and anti-male, and it is female voting power that will ensure it continues that way.

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