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Saturday, 25 February 2012


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Mike Buchanan

Great stuff. The tide is indeed turning, and feminists' sudden willingness to debate must be seen for what it is: a clear sign of weakness. We must be under no illusion that feminists, having refused to debate with their opponents for decades, will now engage intelligently. It's not going to happen. Their sole motivations will be:

- to give the ILLUSION of being reasonable people; and
- to sucker anti-feminists into wasting their time, energy and resources in debating.

Debating is critical for raising public consciousness about the damage done by feminism, and Tom Martin is to be applauded for agreeng to the coming debate; but let us concentrate our time, energy and resources not in debating with feminists but in fighting them.

Great to see such posts. You've made my weekend!

Mike Buchanan


Any publicity about this is good publicity. The story is so hidden by the mainstream media that these debates will bring much needed attention to the topic.

Sounds like she may be reading from the NUS "I will win the argument" sheet that they hand out to female students in case they have difficulty justifying feminism, as previously discussed on this site here;

Though the NUS have removed the pdf from the link now.

Good Luck to Tom, he's a great man.

Mike Buchanan

My congratulations to Tom for a great performance last night, despite his time for speaking being reduced from 20 to 10 minutes with no notice. Estelle Hart's input was tired old Leftie nonsense, even the women in the audience seemed bored rigid by it.

From memory, there wasn't a single substantive point made by Tom which Estelle addressed. She just trotted out the same old mantras we've come to expect. Feminism is intellectually bankrupt and has been for decades. It exists not to promote equality but to favour a small band of professional feminists such as Ms Hart, at the expense of everyone else: men, women, and children alike.

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