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Wednesday, 01 May 2013


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Carry on as we are?

Sorry I disagree, if you bother to notice "as we are" is the time during which the very worst of anti-male laws were introduced, the dumbing down of so much to accommodate women, the lessening of punishments for women in crimes, the quotas for women, the masses of false allegation and rape infinitum, has taken place.

No, as we are is not good enough.


Did anyone not expect this false rape allegation in a place that was full of filthy feminist loons? So question is where is HER picture all over the scumbag media now? They was happy to slap his all over the press before any finding.


The campaign for teenagers. part of the extension of the DV industry into teenage gives me domes hope. In that a view of the comments posted by teenagers shows many,male and female, accuse the campaign of sexism in having no adverts showing a male victim. And on their on line poll 93% believe it isn't only girls who suffer abuse. This brings to mind the comment from Michael Kaufman a long time feminist campaigner. Observing that if he and his co campaigners didn't listen to young men's experiences of abuse and even violence they would be "percieved as lying" . Prophetic really as essential this is exactly what the comments and Poll are saying about this campaign. To me the comments about the sexism of the campaign show that young people see through some of the lies.

Anthony Humphries

thanks for the comments barry - i do take your point and it is a fair one and shows we need to carry on fighting even harder. what i was getting at orginally was i think it has improved in the last few years in that progress (however slow) is being made and inequality against men is heard about more now than it used to be. is a good point about a lot of modern western women being used to being put on a pedestal and treated like gods - i notice that a lot too


Its okay Anthony, other than that one bit it was a fine article and I totally agree with what you say. I should have mentioned that:-)


Thought you guys might want to see/comment on this.

Those slippery misandrists at the Dorset Council have tried to slide back in the ol' 1 in 4 chestnut again. This after previously removing it when confronted and demands were made for them to prove it or remove it in April of 2012:

You will notice they have also deliberately left out the statistics on male victims of DV, giving them mere lip service of course.

Anthony Humphries

cheers for that barry - is nice of you to say and i do know what you mean. things had fallen so far against men that it is a hard fight to get rid of it all and one we need to continue with eevn more vigour and not rest on our laurels. makes me wonder if more direct action is needed as fine as words and articles are to the cause


Great article. I agree that women are completely indoctrinated with self-importance and privileges that men can only dream of. The internet has been a powerful tool for men to come together, but so far it has been merely pockets in the form of blogs and video channels etc. - all pretty much bounded by the same audience who sniff them out using google searches.

The next step is to bring men's issues to the attention of the masses via the main channels of media. This is where Mike B has been so successful so far. I'd love to see more programmes on TV raising men's issues and more political representation, too.

I also recommend a strategy that would see men, like us, bringing men's issues and double-standards to the countless forums out there that don't JUST focus on equality. In other words, I think men (and women) should register with forums that attract young audiences and goon there and spout a few facts about men's issues to get people talking. I've noticed this has begun to happen of late and despite the men on there getting attacked using insults and shaming tactics, it really does generate publicity.


Here's my take Anthony/Dave, don't want to let all the stuff out in public.. well a little bit of it anyway, maybe get some juices flowing.

For a start, the MRM should have already been on UKIP's shirt-tails, getting in there lobbying and "educating" before the feminists do, anyone could see UKIP's wave coming. I already knew UKIP was going to hit like it did. Start lobbying them to act for us in Councils they have seats.It's not too late. Current parties are well ensnared in the wheels of the vagina-mobile, with UKIP you may be able to get in there properly on the ground?

The MRM (those self proclaimed leaders and movers of it) should already have people assigned to every well read media outlet online, ready with facts and figures (linkable) to dispute and tear down any article or comments favouring feminism. To tear up any publication that is anti-male or pushing any agenda linked to feminist goals...or that favours any of the politics and business behind it all.

It should be coordinated in a way that if it is hot and numbers are going against them, members of other teams from other areas come and join in too help, all with truth and facts mind you.

They should also be well versed in making new accounts rapidly and bypassing blocks (you will be deleted and blocked by the corrupt media frequently. Get used to it. .

They will try to delete, censor and block you ...make sure you take screen grabs after EVERY comment you leave to prove this is going on, then we can database it and put it out there as further evidence of the abuse/hijacking of the media in ways the ordinary folk can understand or use it at a later stage. Same as we need to do for the law, politics and business. Kind of like Agent orange but GLOBAL and everywhere!

The MRM needs a detailed online database of all facts and figures relating in any way to our aims, especially that which proves the oppositions main thrust of propaganda to be false or lifts any lids on it's financing and agenda. All stored with reliable evidence that can be on hand to any MRA for the purpose of a tear-down on the opposing argument at any time.

The MRM should provide instructions and educate all Men to record (covertly) everything they do and everyone they communicate with, that in anyway involves any part of our goals. I was already told personally of one meeting where a "mens needs" representative was bluntly told by a senior women's refuge co-ordinater at a funding drive, that the government funding they get in the millions was all about making jobs for the women and money. If the schmuck had a covert recorder on him could have blown the whole lot wide open and really pissed in their pool for the public to see and hear for themselves. These kind of Women's mouths always flap sooner or later, their pedestalled ego's cannot handle should be ready for it 24/7.

The MRM should OWN the Freedom of information sites, banging in so many FIA requests each every week to help reveal the truth, the culture of misandry, anti-father, the funding of groups and associates that are linked to marxism or the left in any way, or associated with feminism and the 3rd sector, including details on every individual in them. You then connect the dots.

This is needed to make the tax payer see that they have been duped and robbed into funding something that has undermined their society, criminalised all their men and used to gain socially engineered control of their lives.

The MRM should also target, vilify and ridicule publicly, any man who stands with feminism, feminist indoctrinate or the opposing chivalrous indoctrine, with the material to also educate him as to why he is a useful idiot and why he should not be. We need to destroy white-knightism, chivalry and such indoctrine and make them socially ridiculous and humiliating for those men who undertake it. They are the main tools (literally) that feminists use to enforce their will, without them they are defenceless.

Also expose and take down any man who in any way profits from or exploits fellow men underhandedly while pretending to be in the MRM.

Seems a bit deep, bit harcore, bit MI6?...Well what the hell do you think the Politico's and players behind the feminists have been doing all these years? Cake baking?

Yes it is a substantial undertaking with complex logistics, no it does not have to require huge money to do but it does require numbers, time, dedication and loyalty.

The MRM needs to form it's own "Untouchables" then ask itself, "What are you prepared to do" ?

Mike Buchanan

Barry, could you please email me at I want to have an exchange of views with you but not (in this case) in a public forum. Thanks.

Mike Buchanan

(and the women who love them)


Will do after the break Mike...


have emailed you mike....i wonder why skimington deleted that link for support? makes you wonder who's side who is on eh? Still won good without em...

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