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Friday, 14 January 2011


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John Kimble

Good analysis, this really sums up the problems we face so well. One slight note of caution though - do we know for sure there is no equivalent for men's groups though?

Highly unlikely it exists given the track record of the coalition so far on equality issues, but you never know there might be something hidden away.


Even *if* there is something hidden away... why would it be hidden away? Why not show support and true equality?


If they did say they were looking to speak top men’s groups they would probably claim they are speaking to god awful Coalition of Men and boys ( - a closed shop coalition made up of groups hand picked by Harman for their acquiescence.

This post shows why

John Kimble

Yes that's what I was thinking. I suppose pretending to liaise with men using such groups is basically as bad as doing nothing anyway.

Glen Poole

The Coalition's new equalities strategy does specifically state that it will “listen to and involve the public and partners in the development of policy” – excellent – “through a new strategy for engaging with women and women’s organisations” – BUT NOT MEN AND MEN’S ORGANISATIONS!!!!!!

It is up to us as men and men's groups to come together and have a united voice and demand that the Government engages with us


Yes indeed. As pointed out there a groups the EO and the EHRC could engage with, the fact they don't speaks volumes. Yet a reading of the Eqality Act indicates they should. They should look at data and consult widely rather than simply ignore half the population. In recent years the collation of data showing women and men (instead of people) has at least given more ammunition to groups highlighting those discriminations and harms men experience. I suppose the fight goes on.

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